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Hinduism teaches that if you exist, you will always exist. If you do not exist, you will never exist.
The Bible teaches that if you exist, upon death you will cease to exist. Jesus compares this to sleep, speaking of Lazarus. Lazarus remembers nothing upon waking from the sleep of death, after his resurrection.

Hinduism teaches that all beings are a part of God, but God is greater than the sum of these parts.
The Bible teaches a division of creation, that God is separate from angels and mankind, which are separate from each other (and animals), and that God is greater than all.

Hinduism is a collectivist faith - One man may reincarnate as another woman, as another man, as another being alltogether. They will be different and the same.
The Bible communicates an individual faith - One man is born once, will die once, and may be resurrected.

Hinduism believes that the Ego corrupts choices of free will, but that the ego may be transcended.
The Bible treats egotistical decisions as a part of normal human baseline-function, and all decisions are subject to judgement, though you may repent for bad ones.

- Dane Curley

Checa, Ecuador 1 on Flickr.The View from my Apartment in Checa, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Checa, Ecuador 1 on Flickr.

The View from my Apartment in Checa, Cuenca, Ecuador.

Dane Curley | Die Young | Music Video shot as a Short Film | 1080p

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The Character Antonius Block from Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal”.

The Character Antonius Block from Ingmar Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal”.

Personality and The Problem with American Education

All %’s are of the total human population, and are rounded estimates.

Guardians (xSxJ) - ~44%
Administrators are the directive (proactive) Guardians. Their most developed intelligence operation is regulating.
ISTJ - Guardian - Attentive-Administrator - Inspector - 10%
ESTJ - Guardian - Expressive-Administrator - Supervisor - 10%
Conservators are the informative (reactive) Guardians. Their most developed intelligence operation is supporting.
ISFJ - Guardian - Attentive-Conservator - Protector - 10%
ESFJ - Guardian - Expressive-Conservator - Provider - 14%

Idealists (xNFx) - ~6%
Mentors are the directive (proactive) Idealists. Their most developed intelligence operation is developing.
INFJ - Idealist - Attentive-Mentor - Counselor - 1%
ENFJ - Idealist - Expressive-Mentor - Teacher - 2%
Advocates are the informative (reactive) Idealists. Their most developed intelligence operation is mediating.
INFP - Idealist - Attentive-Advocate - Healer - 1%
ENFP - Idealist - Expressive-Advocate - Champion - 2%

Artisans (xSxP) - ~44%
Operators are the directive (proactive) Artisans. Their most developed intelligence operation is expediting.
ISTP - Artisan - Attentive-Operator - Crafter - 10%
ESTP - Artisan - Expressive-Operator - Promoter - 14%
Entertainers are the informative (reactive) Artisans. Their most developed intelligence operation is improvising.
ISFP - Artisan - Attentive-Entertainer - Composer - 9%
ESFP - Artisan - Expressive-Entertainer - Performer - 11%

Rationals (xNTx) - ~6%
Coordinators are the directive (proactive) Rationals. Their most developed intelligence operation is arranging.
INTJ - Rational - Attentive-Coordinator - Mastermind - 1%
ENTJ - Rational - Expressive-Coordinator - Fieldmarshal - 2%
Engineers are the informative (reactive) Rationals. Their most developed intelligence operation is constructing.
INTP - Rational - Attentive-Engineer - Architect - 1%
ENTP - Rational - Expressive-Engineer - Inventor - 2%

(sources: Kiersey.com, Wikipedia; Myers-Briggs Personality Type & Kiersey Temperament Sorter)

I find this stuff very empowering. Many people talk about “finding themselves” or even just finding that perfect career. I genuinely believe that understanding your own personality is the best way to fit yourself into a position that is most rewarding for you. Each of these labels were created by Kiersey, a genius psychologist (INTP - Rational - Architect). It makes sense that he designed this way of looking at us. The tests are self-admittedly only 75% accurate at describing someones personality, but thats because we are all individuals at the end of the day. It still gives you a good basis of where you might fit in in the world/society.

You can all check the Wikipedia article for your specific 4 letter type to learn more about what other famous persons were similar to you in their ways of thinking, and also what sorts of careers make the most sense for someone who thinks this way.

Also, it’s pretty amazing to me how the personalities of us humans is distributed in this way. The guardian types are most suited to jobs that other people complain about; thankless jobs that keep the world turning, that need to be done. We are fortunate that so many people enjoy doing that! We have enough police, soldiers, detectives, and proud (rightly so) blue collar workers to keep us all protected and to keep our buildings maintained and to keep our living conditions superb. Imagine if there were less plumbers and inspectors and carpenters? It would be terrible!

Interesting enough, Artisan types are equally abundant… to me this suggests the importance of Art to human beings, our happiness, and our society. This is why I am so upset with the state of our American society and how we’ve pushed artists to be a rarer career because we do not fund the arts or reward our artists with a salary suited for sustainable living. Biology (or God) seem to believe there is a necessity for creating many lives with Artistisan personalities. Go buy art!

Super rare are each of the Rationals and Idealists - and doesn’t that make sense? The Fieldmarshal for example… he is a born leader. If 10% of the population thought like Fieldmarshals instead of 2%, we’d have way too many people trying to be leaders and a lot of conflict!! Instead, we have the right amount of leaders for the right amount of people.

I think the world is well-designed by nature and we need to embrace that, and the more I learn about psychology the more upset I become with our educational system which tries to make EVERYONE THINK ALIKE! For example, I feel I was forced to think like a Guardian, but I’m an Idealist - Champion. My friend Sean was certainly forced to think like a Guardian, and he’s a Rational - Fieldmarshal. Naturally, the two of us rebelled against our teachers every step of the way. (Keep in mind thinking like a Guardian is AWESOME… if you’re a Guardian).

If this were studied and understood at a mainstream level and this was implemented into education, Sean could have been cultivated for leadership, and I could have been cultivated for politics or law… instead we were forced to fend for ourselves, fighting and resisting the whole way, and are still working independently to reach our goals unaided by society. We will reach them, of course, but the design of this system is thoughtless, imo.

To fix this system would improve the lives of so many individuals. If high schools and elementary schools were structured to embrace our personalities instead of forcing them to conform, we would be better off. The best teachers I ever had are the ones who “let me get away with stuff”. They did not let me get away with stuff because they were soft, or lacked the ability to enforce discipline, but because they understood I thought in unique ways, and allowed me to fruit of my own soil. The worst teachers were disciplinarians first, teachers second, and psychologists not at all.

Jesus Christ vs. Americans

A) The Kingdom of Heaven is within You.
B) Lest you be as little children, you won’t get to enter It.
C) The meek shall inherit the Earth.
D) Let he who has never sinned cast the first stone.

A) The Kingdom of Heaven is a place we go after we die.
B) We have to act like grown folk and take things very seriously.
C) We have to get rich and pursue financial success.
D) ::insert any example of our culture of being judgmental::

"The Edge of the Park",
Photo Series by Dane Curley.

Post-workout Vascularity

Post-workout Vascularity

Childhood is about finding who the joke is on…
Adulthood is when you realize it’s always on you…
Enlightenment is when you laugh, any way.

Think of your own culture, as an outsider, and you’ll get to experience another culture, as an insider.